perjantai 24. joulukuuta 2010


Teen tämän postauksen nyt englanniksi, koska kyllähän te suomalaiset tiedätte mitä jouluna tapahtuu.

This is going to be in English now because I'm sure all the Finns know what we eat for Christmas dinner..

This morning I woke up quite late and decided to join my dad and brother when they went to search the perfect christmas tree from our forest. Ok, they had already decided which tree we are going to cut down so it was quite clear where to go..


After that....Well, I didn't do anything till we went to the cemetary to light some candles.It looked sooo gorgeous, hunderds of candles and otherwise total darkness. Unfortunately left the camera home..

And then sauna! I've missed it so much. After being out in the freezing coldweather there's nothing better than to go to the sauna.

And then Christmas dinner. It's veery different compared to the food people eat in UK on Christmas day. Last year I spent my Christmas in London and I really missed Finnish Christmas food. Even though I wouldn't eat food like that on a regular basis, it's perfect once a year (+ the couple of days when we eat the left overs..).

I tried to find some translations to these foods but couldn't find any good ones..


"It contains many different dishes, most of them typical for the season. The main dish is usually a large Christmas ham, which is eaten with mustard or bread along with the other dishes. Fish is also served and with the ham there are also so-called laatikkos, casseroles with liver and raisins or potatoes or rice and carrots." Wikipedia, Joulupöytä (translated "Yule table")

 Then pressies, this year we opened them quite late, around 8.30pm. When we were younger we used to have the dinner earlier just because we couldn't wait the presents and Santa. Obviously Santa doesn't come during the night time, he visits all the families in the evening and sometimes he even has time for a little chat with the children before he rushes to the next house. Unfortunately Santa's been quite sneaky these last years, haven't seen him for years :(

Sometimes after the presents we eat rice porridge with mixed fruit soup (today we had this for lunch with some smoked ham on the side). And then later we are having coffee and ginger bread and prune jam pastries.

And oh yes, I got these Aino-shoes/slippers from my grandparents. These are shoes for females whereas Reino ones are for men. These used to be only for elders but recently they have become very popular amongst younger people as well. They used to sell only red ones but my grandparents found these cute pink ones. Looovelyy. And when I get back to UK I'll buy a camera for myself which is the present from my parents. I also got 4 pairs of wool socks from my grandma who has knitted them (as well as all the other 19 pairs for this Christmas).

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